Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 FC Round-Up | Phoenix, AZ

The FC Round-Up, held annually in Phoenix, AZ, is the only place in the world you can see so many Forward Control Jeeps at once! The three-day event features some of the finest restored and most innovative FC's out there. Jesse and Andrea Ybarra host the Round-Up at their home. Their hospitality is unrivaled and the event has become a Mecca for FC enthusiasts. More photos of the Round-Up can be found at:

Two of Jesse Ybarra's trucks, a black M677 and rare tour bus FC.

The custom cab tilt on this FC tow truck had to be arranged to clear the front winch.

Craig Brockhaus, owner of, restored this FC Tour Bus - amazing to see two at the show! Take a ride in this awesome FC below!

Another of Ybarra's FC's - a rare M679 Ambulance.

Yet another immaculate Forward Control.

Ybarra's custom basketball net!

This FC-170 shows the longer wheelbase than the FC-150's.

This amazing Forward Control hot rod featured wide slick tires, custom exhaust run through the frame rails, a cut cab and tons of hydraulic modifications. 

A custom FC tow truck to haul the hot rod!

Ybarra's tour bus.

The Willys action continued outside the show on the street where three absolutely mint CJ2a's were parked.

Check out more photos of the Round-Up by Scott Lehman at: And be sure to visit for more on FC Jeeps!


  1. Great site Tom! Thanks for making it and posting photos with captions. -Scott

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