Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hopping along in an FC dream

Washington state business partners open pizza company with blue FC 150

When Carrie Wright and Lori Roy first saw the bright blue grille of a particular Jeep FC 150 they decided it would be the perfect mascot for a new pizza business.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gary Collins' 1949 Willys 2x4 Pickup

A Jeeper may be retired, but you are never a retired Jeeper.

What does a Jeep enthusiast do for fun in retirement? Well, he works on Jeeps, of course! And in the case of Gary Collins, he buys a 1949 Willys to create a little family of Jeeps with his 1951 Willys and little green 2-A.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jersey Jeeps' Dually and J10 Golden Eagle (VIDEO)

Eric Jankowski of Jersey Jeeps talks about his 1963 J300 Dually and 1978 J10 Golden Eagle at the 2013 All Breeds Jeep Show in York, Pa. For more about Jersey Jeeps visit: The All Breeds Jeep Show is hosted annually by the PA Jeeps Club

Friday, February 6, 2015

Secret to a clean dry Jeep

JK-8 Registry
 offered this video tip on drying your Jeep on their Facebook page. The product in the video is called Fireman's Friend, although 'Fireman's Helper' is said in the video. 

JK-8 Registry is a gathering place for JK-8 owners and fans. They share vender products, services, tips, tricks and modifications.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Register for the largest-ever Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

Registration is now open for the 2015 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival set to be held June 12-14 in Butler, Pa. 

This year the festival will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bantam Jeep prototype. 

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival hopes to again break the Guinness World Records Largest Parade of Jeeps at their 2015 event. An anticipated 2,500 Jeeps are expected to drive from Butler County Community College to downtown Butler. Over 20,000 parade-viewers will likely be in attendance.

The ultimate SUV - Yesterday and today

For generations American automobiles have been a huge part of Max Bertschinger's family in Switzerland. Now living in Bäretswil, a small village in the Swiss Highlands near the city Zurich, Max operates a classic car company and has vivid memories of American cars owned by his family.

At 59 years old, Max can remember American automobiles since he was very young. His grandfather, who referred to any United States produced car as an “American,” first purchased a 1933 Pontiac Straight Eight Coupe. "This Pontiac had a convertible structure that deviated from the series design, called 'Victoria', with two doors and five to six seats," Max wrote. "It was powered by the newly developed eight cylinder in-line engine with a 3.8 liter displacement and 77 hp.